Daichi Kitaumekawa is Satō Matsuzaka's teacher, being renowned for his good looks and personality among his students. However, underneath this facade lies a deeply perverted man who takes an interest in Satou, obsessing over her after a school event.


At school, Daichi is considered to be kind and helpful, demonstrating his concern for his students by speaking to them privately about personal matters and offering assistance in any way he can.


Since the school entrance ceremony, Daichi has had his eyes on Satou and takes to stalking her when she would leave work and head for her shared apartment room with Shio. Realizing that he was following her, Sato takes an alternative route, leading her teacher to a seemingly empty alleyway. Once there, Daichi confesses to have lusted after Sato because of her features, and attempts to have his way with her. This causes Sato to have a slight breakdown within her mind, causing her to subconsciously trigger her safety alarm to activate. Seeing that residents were alerted to the alarm, Daichi backs off.

The next day, Daichi prepares to leave his house to go to work only to get an unexpected visit by Satou. Despite having a wife and a daughter, Daichi explains that it wasn't enough for him and as such, he wanted to be with as many women as possible, even if it meant targeting and making advances on his students. He unwittingly enrages Satou who proceeds to force him onto the ground, and she began to stomp on his crotch repeatedly, which invokes Daichi to develop pleasure from it. Satou threatens to inform his wife about his lecherous behavior but she instead chooses to manipulate him into working for her. Fearing the repercussions that would come from his reputation getting destroyed due to his perverted nature, Daichi obliges to assist her.

Sato gives Daichi the three bags, instructing him to destroy them without anyone noticing and is last seen burning the bags. He began to suspect what could've been the contents within the bag, pleasuring himself to the smell of the burning bags.

Kitaumekawa returns, suspecting that Sato had murdered her aunt given how mail sent for her would return. He sends some police officers to investigate the apartment flat, relishing in the thought of Sato being made to pay for everything. However, it is revealed that Sato's aunt was still alive meaning that the person in the body bags was unrelated.

Apparently he tries to hit on his students a lot, despite having a wife and young daughter. Satou uses this fact against him, as she knows that despite his cheating, he doesn't want to lose his family or take the blow to the reputation that would come if he were found out.